And the Mountains Echoed, is the third novel by the Americanwriter Khaled Hosseini-Afghan . The book describes the adventures of several generations of an Afghan family and their connected persons between 1952 and 2010.

Title Reference[Edit]Edit

In the Afterword, the author that the title inspired by the nurse's Song poem by William Blake, in which the innocence of youth is contrasted with the hardness of later life.


The book begins in 1952 as the poor farmer Saboor are three year old daughter Pari in Kabul selling to the rich, childless couple Suleiman and Nila Wahdati, on the initiative of his brother-in-law Nabi, the driver of the Wahdati's. Pari is older so dramatically separated from her favourite brother Abdullah. This will remain the rest of his life looking for his lost sister, who emigrates to France in 1955 with her stepmother Nila.

The story of Pari and Abdullah, however, is only a coat rack for a series of short stories, in which Hosseini deepens the lives of characters associated with them, only at the end of the book back to the divorced brother and sister.

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