The Amsterdam Marathon (branded TCS Amsterdam Marathon for sponsorship reasons) is an annual marathon (42.195 km) in Amsterdam in theNetherlands since 1975. The road race has a Gold Label from the IAAF. During the event, there are also a half marathon race (21.097 km) and an 8 km race in the program.


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See also: List of winners of the Amsterdam Marathon[1][2]Leading group of the 2008 men's race with winner Paul Kirui on the left[3][4]Meseret Hailu winning the 2012 women's race in new course record[5][6]Route of the marathon in 2007

The first marathon in Amsterdam was held on 5 August 1928, during the 1928 Summer Olympics. It was won by Boughera El Ouafi in 2:32:57.[1]

After the Olympics there were no marathons in Amsterdam until 1975. Since that year the marathon was held annually, with the exception of 1978.[1]

The 1980 course record of 2:09:01 ran by Dutchman Gerard Nijboer could be considered an unofficial world record[2] as the generally recognized record at that time, 2:08:34 in Antwerp, had been run on a course that was 500 meters short.[citation needed] However, IAAF doesn't recognise Nijboer time as any record. [3]

In 2005, the former world record holder on the marathon, Haile Gebrselassie, earned his first win in the Amsterdam Marathon in the fastest marathon time in the world for the 2006 season (2:06.20).

In 2010, Getu Feleke finished in 2:05:44 and improved the course record from 2009 by 34 seconds.[4]

In 2012, the Kenyan Wilson Chebet won the race by a time of 2:05:41 and broke the previous course record by three seconds. In the same year, Ethiopian Meseret Hailu broke the women's course record with a time of 2:21:09.

Course record progression
Date Athlete Time
5 August 1928 [7]

Boughera El Ouafi

3 May 1975 [8]

Jørgen Jensen

21 May 1977 [9]

Bill Rodgers

26 April 1980 [10]

Gerard Nijboer

2:09:01 WR[2]
2 November 1997 [11]

Sammy Korir

1 November 1998 [12]

Sammy Korir

17 October 1999 [13]

Fred Kiprop

19 October 2003 [14]

William Kipsang

17 October 2004 [15]

Robert Cheboror

16 October 2005 [16]

Haile Gebrselassie

18 October 2009 [17]

Gilbert Yegon

17 October 2010 [18]

Getu Feleke

21 October 2012 [19]

Wilson Chebet

20 October 2013 [20]

Wilson Chebet



The route starts and finishes in the Olympic Stadium. The course is flat, with a maximum elevation of 33ft at the 23rd mile.

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