Ally McBeal is the main character in the television series Ally McBeal. The role was played by actress Calista Flockhart of 8 september 1997 to the end of the series on May 20, 2002.

Fictional Character History[Edit]Edit

In the pilot episode was told that Ally and Billy grew up together. In the images was to see that they are at each others rear smoking at the age of eight and that there the romance began. As teenagers they were in love and they started a relationship. They went together to study, but then Billy decided to study in Michigan while Ally wanted to remain in Boston . The relationship was discontinued. A few years later is Ally advocate and shares an apartment with her best friend Renee Raddick. On her work is they repeatedly in her rear pinched by a colleague, making them renounce all forms of complaint. On the street she comes a former fellow student Richard Fish against and he offers her a job in his law firm. Here she comes again in touch with her great love Billy, who has returned to Boston and now is married to Thomas Georgia.Georgia and Ally were jealous of each other, but were fast friends. It soon became clear that Billy still had deep feelings for Ally. She and Billy often talks at the unisex toilet. Elaine Vassal is the loyal Assistant of Ally, that her nose everywhere in and on all comments. Initially set up, but not with her Ally learns they appreciate her.

Ally flirt settled, including with Glenn, she knows of on the art school and those nude posed for her. He had a big penis, making Ally intrigued was and she went to bed with him. She was also in love with doctor Greg Butters. Greg wants to Ally surprised by for her to sing in the bar, but Renee ruining it by singing along all of a sudden. If Ally sees how much fun they have she goes home. Greg prefers after a job in Chicago top Ally. John Cage, co-owner of the company is short in love with Ally and takes her out, but there is no relationship of. If Ally is haunted by a virtual baby (dancing baby), advises John to her to go to his therapist Tracey the go. Billy and Georgia get relationship problems posed by the presence of Ally and Billy admits he still loves her, but that he still wants to remain at Georgia.

In the second season , she found out that Billy went not just to Michigan but that he met Georgia while they still were together, what a slap in the face for Ally is. Judge Walsh during a certain lawsuit urges her to no miniskirt to attract more, but Ally modifying refuses her clothing Walsh throw her in the cell late. On hearing her calls them the right a boar. Nelle Porter defends her and says that she is allowed to dress as she wants and she won the case with good arguments for Ally.

If they are in the hospital to visit an old teacher is encountering them on Greg, who has returned from Chicago. Soon they go back out, but they consume the relationship does not. Billy can the loving hassle of Ally and coast with her. The day after he tells her that he never can keep someone so much as by her, and he wants to go to bed with her. Ally would not betray Georgia and ultimately nothing happens. Billy confesses Georgia on that they have kissed and she is furious on Ally. In the toilet they get even a violent feud where Ling involved also Nelle and making them lie on the ground on all four to pull each other's hair. The air between Georgia and Ally gets gradually back on, but for Greg is the relationship ended. Ally has feelings for Greg and wants him back. Ling tells her she has an escort agency for handsome women who want to go to be on step without harassment. It's just company, no sex. Together with Renee gives them a birthday party for John, who has been barred from Greg and Renee invites a month earlier. He finds this weird because he not familiar with John and asks if it is a trick, but then says Renee that Ally already has. Greg is not only show up and has the graceful Kimba at. Ally is jealous and together with her date Kevin creeps them on stage to sing a duet together. Greg is not set up and leave the table. Ally thinks her plan was successful but then it says Greg on the stage and sings a song for Kimba, who begins to sing along and apparently has a beautiful voice. Greg comes the next day to the Office of Ally and asks her out again. Ling goes along with Kevin and when they are alone coast Ally with Kevin. To Renee tells them that they are now interested in him, but he should not with her dating would acquit him right away because Ling. Although Ally had a date with Greg he no longer comes into the picture and no explanation given why it become nothing more is more.

The third season begins with a visit to the wash. Ally sees a handsome employee, who without talking to her at her in the car sit while a turn. They start to kiss and have sex while brushing her car. Her next thing is the marriage of Risa Helms pass off. Risa has her fiance cheated and there is the pastor that had to take place at their wedding come true. He now refuses to let the ceremony go ahead making it one-night stand of Risa threatens to come out. Risa says she loves her fiance, but that he's extremely bad in bed and that she still wanted to have good sex once before her marriage. Ally gets it should eventually marry at the Reverend that Risa ready in his Church. Risa is so grateful that she calls out Ally wants to be her bridesmaid. Ally agrees, but in the Church for the horror of her life when she sees that the groom the same man is like where she has sex with it in the wash. They frightened the whole Church itself so much that it should, but apologizes. If the vicar asks if anyone still objects to the marriage puts out Ally her hand on. Everyone wonders what's going on and the pastor says she the reason must say. They do not want to say for the whole Church and wants to whisper into the ear of the pastor, but by being a microphone wearing she says anyway for the whole Church that she has slept with the groom. There will be a whole discussion and the ceremony finally goes through. Ally should not longer bridesmaid and goes at Ling and Richard are in the Church. But then she disrupts the ceremony for a second time. She takes Risa apart and says its not that Joel loves her because she said the sex was bad while they themselves had the best sex in her life with Joel. Risa is very impressed and blows off the marriage. A few weeks later gets Ally a subpoena from Risa for the emotional damage. Ally is defended by Renee and Whipper. They think Risa can win the lawsuit and establish a settlement for. Ally Gets the idea to Risa and bringing together and goes with Joel Joel back talk. He says that he really loves Risa. Ally asks him why the sex with her was so good and not with Risa, which he said he felt no inhibitions at her. The spark between them is still there. in the evening, a meeting with both parties and Joel comes a half hour earlier. He gives hints that he would like to one more time with Ally sex and they do too. During the discussion, he just wants to be honest and say that Joel again with Ally have had sex, but that can prevent them. However, she is so excited that she again will, but then keep Joel off the boat. Joel and Lisa come back together and let fall the indictment.

Ally and Ling both have an erotic dream about each other and although they both convinced that they are not lesbian, they are nevertheless intrigued by each other. They go together to improve their friendship on date each other because they cannot actually airing. The following day, Ling to her and says she wants to kiss her, Ally gives this also and they kiss. They're both good but decide that a penis is too important in their lives. Billy behaves ever stranger and stranger and he and Ally are no longer as good match. He begins an affair with his Assistant Sandy Hingle. After Ally dreams that John the true is for her she tells this to him. He says he has, but this also long thought that he now holds and van Nelle he wants them remains his best friend.

After Billy has a few hallucinations he decides to find a neurologist for an investigation. It turns out that Billy has a benign brain tumor. Billy goes along with Georgia and Ally to the doctor. The doctor wants to shrink the tumor because he on a delicate place, but after the hallucinations get worse the doctor decides to take him completely away. Billy works off one last lawsuit. In this case wants a man divorce his wife because she has undergone plastic surgery without him to say that. Billy says that people to so many reasons to get married and then he says that he is married for twelve years with Ally and that they have never lived a day without each other and that if he comes home in the evening with his family, he is a happy man. Then Billy falls into each other and dies, he has had a brain hemorrhage. Ally shares the news to everyone. Against Georgia she says that the last thing he said was that he loved her. Billy appears a few more times to Ally hereinafter referred to as Ally in trouble. Richard immediately to replace Mark Albert to Billy and this is very much against the meaning of Ally, who will find this disrespectful. At the end of the third season starts Ally dating lawyer Brian, a stiff rake.

In the first episode of the fourth season Ally goes to the Office of her former therapist to where Larry Paul Tracey. She is she surprised that Tracey has left the city without even saying anything. Larry says that ally's file the only thing is that Tracey has pass up. Ally tells her problems now to Larry. They find that Brian is not the right man for her and Larry listens to her. No one is excited about Brian and Ally dumps him. Later she starts with a father and son dating and also tells this to Larry. Then they found out that Larry no therapist is that Tracey replaces, but a lawyer. During the dinner party where Ally finds out that they have an appointment with father and son at the same time, she is so in shock that they are an old acquaintance humiliates in front of her friends. The knowledge is suing her and Ally takes Larry as a lawyer. He plays it smart and the knowledge let fall the indictment. Larry speaks now with Nelle Porter , which is very much against the meaning of Ally. She dumps father and son and now sets her sights on Larry.

The relationship with Larry is going well, though he has a past. He was previously married and also has a son with an ex-girlfriend. His ex Jamie from Detroit will Ally feels threatened by her. Soon after, also pops up his little son on in Boston. He wants his parents back come together. Larry goes to Detroit to create a bond with his son, but later comes back. Ally is madly Larry and he wants her to marry questions by a ring in the dessert to hide if they go to dinner. The dessert is swapped with a table where the man just wanted to end the relationship. Larry sees this as a sign that he is not destined for Ally. She fears itself that Larry wants to dump her because he was in a bad mood at the end of the evening. Larry calling his ex-wife Helena on to ask for advice. They are going to an ice cream in an ice cream parlour. He had cancelled a lunch with Ally.She decides to eat with John in the ice cream parlor. Helena did just icing on the face of Larry and then comes Ally inside. She tips the ice cream from Larry and Helena over his head and spraying whipped cream on him. Then she ends the relationship.

Do a case in which Larry must Ally soon after her opponent is. As the elevator door opens in the courthouse she looks full of excitement, but Larry does not come from the elevator. Suddenly his Assistant Coretta for her. She says that they took over and moved to Detroit that Larry is to close to his son. Ally remains broken behind.

In the fifth season buys Ally impulsive a dilapidated House and want this to refurbish. They will receive the help of her colleagues. Victor Morrison takes care of the plumbing and she is immediately attracted to him.Ally is now in therapy in Steven Milter, which no therapist is but a fellow lawyer. Ally, Jenny Shaw for as new power. Richard has also just adopted, but because Glenn Foy has a great cause they both continue to Jenny. Jenny and Glenn his old lovers and Jenny tries to link to Glenn Ally. Ally finds him kind of fun, but he's too young for her. Although Jenny thinks she actually encourages that the Ally does not want. They are a couple as Jenny something with Raymond Millbury begins. However, it is quickly apparent that Jenny is still the great love of Glenn and Ally put a step back.

On a time Maddie Harrington at Ally for the door. She says she is her daughter. Ally has ever ceded and an egg that was fertilized without her knowledge. Her father died and she lived with her aunt, but want to get to know her mother. Ally takes its responsibility on and Maddie in house. After some fear dreams let them be testing whether her daughter Maddie is effective. Maddie feels this as distrust and fears that Ally confirmation need to by to keep her. Maddie turns out to be the real daughter of her anyway. John Cage decided to give a different twist and is a singer in a Mexican restaurant, he still occasionally comes back for an important court case. This makes Richard Ally to partner and the name of the Office is changed to Cage, Fish & McBeal. This is very much against the meaning of Nelle, who preyed on here. There comes to light that things did not go well and that Richard paid salaries for months out of his own pocket. There should be saved. Ally decided to bite the bullet. Although Ally has become good friends with Jenny she should dismiss her, on which also Glenn resigning. Very contradictory is that in these episodes three attorneys at are adopted.

Maddie can get along well with Victor and hopes he starts something with Ally. They also go on date, but it clicks is initially not really because Victor ' but ' a plumber is. Finally, they are still a couple. They go together to Bermuda but that is disappointing because they have nothing to tell each other. The relationship bleeds death. Maddie ended up on once in the hospital and the doctor says she has nostalgia. Ally decides to move with her to New York. Richard, who with Liza Bump is getting married, which brings forward his marriage so that Ally there still at can be. Renee and Georgia, which had come into the picture without explanation no longer this season also came to say goodbye to Ally.

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