All in the Family was an American sitcom, which from 1971 to 1979 was broadcast by CBS. In Netherlands, the series was also broadcast by the VPRO, from 12 October 1972. At that time was the series in America in its third season.

The series was based on the British series Til Death Us Do Part and was unconventional because of the subjects which until then were considered as not suitable for broadcast on television, such as racismhomosexualityequal rights for womenrapebreast cancer and impotence.

All in the Family TV Awards, including 39 won 22 Emmy Awards, eight Golden Globes and two people's Choice Awards.


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The series is about a family of father Archie Bunker (Carroll O'Connor), mother Edith (Jean Stapleton), daughter Gloria (Sally Struthers) and her husband Michael Stivic(Rob Reiner). Father Archie finds himself a liberal man, who nothing against people of other descent than his own has if they but not in his neighbourhood. He is also of the opinion that the best women in the home and in the kitchen. His wife Edith does not Excel in intelligence and has fully suitable to the role model that her by Archie has been imposed. She is the one who on the one hand frequently irritates with her comments and Archie immensely high shrill voice, but on the other hand, can always steer him.

Daughter Gloria and husband Mike are archetypes of the modern youth of the 70 's. Gloria is regularly forced a loyalty to choose between her boyfriend and her father.Mike is in turn the one who always has comments on the civil existence of the Bunkers, but itself is unemployed and so bring out de ruif-eats. Mike and Archie often bring to a close in heated debates about social subjects, with Archie is regularly for Meathead Mike (minced head). Also Mike broke up for Polak, because he is of Polish descent.

With the dark neighbors, the Jeffersons, Archie has a love-hate relationship. Of course he points them off, because they recommended recommended are black. The neighbor has also, however, prejudices with respect to whites. Just because they're both biased, they sometimes also understanding for each other. So know they find each other if he became the son of the neighbors themselves with half white woman.

The series takes place almost entirely in the living room of the Bunkers.

Effect on thought patterns by viewers[Edit]Edit

The purpose of producer Norman Lear was to humor the Americans aware of their own ethnic prejudices. The series has clearly a satirical character. Archie Bunker is put down as a hypocritical, myopic racist, while his opponents, especially his liberal son-in-law, are portrayed as reasonable people. The problems where Archie encounter, are obvious his own fault, but Archie gives always blame others.

But to what extent does the series really the mindset of the Viewer? It turns out that viewers who have prejudices of himself, just sympathize with Archie Bunker. They see in him a confirmation of their prejudices. It also turns out that biased people appreciate the series more than non-or less biased people. [1one would so can say that precisely the message has the opposite effect in some viewers. The phenomenon of identify with negative role models is therefore called the Archie Bunker-effect.


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Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit


Archie bunker's Place[Edit]Edit

In 1979, the series was renewed and it got the name Archie bunker's Place. The series ran for four seasons, until 1983. Appeared in 96 episodes.


Gloria was a short-lived television series, made in 1982-1983. Gloria and Mike are divorced and Gloria lives alone with her son Joey. She works for a veterinarian. In an unaired pilot is to see Carroll O'Connor as Archie, but in the rest of the series no characters from All in the Family. After 21 episodes, the series was cancelled.

The Jeffersons[Edit]Edit

In 1975 The Jeffersons were given their own, successful series. Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford played George and Louise Jefferson. Also Mike Evans was seen as their son Lionel. The series proved to be very successful and ran even longer than All in the Family, no less than 11 seasons.

The series shows that George Jefferson has become very wealthy with his laundry business. The Jeffersons are moved into an expensive apartment. George is stingy, but with good intentions. His wife Louise is nice, but somewhat seriously. The Jeffersons fight a lot with the other residents of the expensive building in which they live. Lionel now works as an electrician.


Maude is a niece of Edith, who also already 2 times in All in the Family. She was played by Beatrice Arthur. In 1972 she received her own series. There were 141 to 1978 episodes made over 6 seasons. Maude is an independent, liberal woman who lives with her fourth husband, Walter. Also Carol, her divorced daughter Carol and Philip, her son, all live in the same House.

None of the characters from All in the Family is seen in Maude.

704 Hauser[Edit]Edit

This show was about a black family that lives in the old House of the Bunkers. The title of the show refers to the address, 704 Hauser Street. The same sets as in All in the Family were again popped up, but could make no success of the series. There were only 6 episodes aired in 1994.

Foreign versions[Edit]Edit

In Germany appeared between 1973 and 1976 the series Ein Herz und eine Seele. This was the German version of All in the Family, of which 25 episodes were made.

The Israeli ongoing series since 1995 series Itche is another remake.


Each episode began with the song " Those were the days, sung by Archie and Edith a nostalgic song about earlier, and better times when the Glenn Miller hit parade took out, and someone like Herbert Hoover was president.


  • Archie: Well, I'll tell you one thing about President Nixon. He keeps Pat home. Which was where Roosevelt should have kept Eleanor. Instead he let her run around loose until one day she discovered the colored. We never knew they were there. She told them they were gettin' the short end of the stick and we been having trouble ever since. (Well, I'll say something about president Nixon: he keeps Pat home. And that also had to do with Eleanor Roosevelt. Instead, he let her run loose until they discovered the coloured people. We were not even aware of their existence. They told them that they were at a disadvantage, and since then we have nothing but problems.)
  • Mike: I just thank God I'm an atheist. (Thank God I'm an atheist.)
  • Gloria: Do you know that sixty per cent of all deaths in America are caused by guns? (You know that 60% of all deaths in America die by firearms?)
  • Archie Bunker: Would it make you feel any better, little girl, if they was pushed out of windows? (Would you feel better, little girl, if they were pushed out of Windows?)

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