All my Children (abbreviated as AMC) is an American soap opera which between 5 January 1970 and 23 september 2011 was broadcast on ABC. The series is developed by Agnes Nixon and as home to the fictional Pine Valley was used. The ultimate Star of the series was reserved for the character Erica Kane played by Susan Lucci . Kane is one of the most popular soap characters ever.

The title of the soap refers to commonality. All my Children was the first new drama series of the television channel that debuted in the 1970s. The series was produced by Horizon of 1970 and 1975, Inc.; the company of Agnes and her husband Bob Nixon. The sale to ABC In 1975 took place. The playing time of an episode in the first seven years was half an hour, but was extended on 25 april 1977 to an hour.


[hide]*1 History



Agnes Nixon, then head writer for the soap opera The Guiding Light, came for the first time with the idea of All my Children in the sixties. While writing focused Nixon on a number of important properties of the soap. The soap had to be a good understandable soap who turned to social problems and young love. An attempt to the series toNBC, or CBS to sell Procter & Gamble failed. When Proctor & Gamble was not able to make room for the soap, Nixon decided to keep All my Children for a while.

Nixon was in 1965 the head writer of Another World and decided to give some ideas of her creation AMC to use in Another World. In one specific case, she used her invented character Erica Kane to the Another World-to create character Rachel Davis. Nixon described the character Davis as the introduction to All my Children. Davis was only a character that came from a worse environment than Kane. The characters Kane and Davis were equal to each other because they are both ' satisfactory would be if their dreams would come true. However, their dreams would not come true '.

Television channel ABC asked Nixon whether they wanted to make a new soap opera that was more contemporary. Nixon came up with One Life to Live, that would make his debut in 1968. Because of the success of this soap wanted the transmitter that Nixon would still deliver a soap. This time it was her earlier creation All my Children's turn. The poem that Nixon wrote for the leader of the series was as follows;

The Great and the Least The Rich and the Poor The Weak and the Strong In Sickness and in Health In Joy and Sorrow In Tragedy and Trumph You are ALL MY CHILDREN


All my Children had its debut on 5 January 1970. Actress Rosemary Prinz was contracted for a guest role for six months. Prinz gave shape to the Liberal character Amy Tyler. The actress had already gained fame in the 1950s and 1960s for her role on As the world turns and was used as a crowd puller.

From 1970 until in the 1980s, the series was written entirely by Nixon herself. Wisner Washam was also next to her venture. Nixon decided In 1982 to end the authorship of the soap to focus on creating and launching the soap opera Loving in 1983. To develop a target erna Nixon soap topical and social topics would bring. In addition they preferred attention to humor.

The first stories took place around a number of families and characters; Ruth Warrick gave effect to the character Phoebe Tyler, a rich Lady. A single mother, Mona Kane (Frances Heflin, and her daughter Erica Kane were also introduced. In contrast, the Martin family, with father Joe and later widow Ruth. The Martin family formed the solid core in the series. The character Phoebe Tyler was described as the Queen of Pine Valley, Erica Kane was described as Princess. Erica tried all sorts of ways In the first months the love affair between classmates Tara Martin and Phil Brent to destroy. Erica discovered that Phil not the biological son of Ruth is, but of her sister Amy. Kane told everyone the truth from selfishness.

All my Children was the first success that it wrote about young love. ABC was urgently looking for a soap that would attract young viewers to the transmitter. The ratings, however, continued to meet expectations. In the first year was AMC the seventeenth bestbekeken soap, while there are nineteen were broadcast. Despite a poor start, grew the number of viewers every year.

All my Children created a special storyline, in which the Viet Nam War was used. Never before had a series dared to tackle this sensitive issue. You had the character Phoebe, a conservative, and her sister Amy, a liberal. After the departure of Amy Ruth her anti-war count took over. Her speech delivered actress Mary Fickett the first Emmy Award for a soap actor. Later in the series, Phoebe was becoming more liberal. In 1973 was the first drama series that a soap storyline wrote about abortion. The character Erica Kane underwent an abortion. The reason of the abortion was described as controversial by the viewers. For example, her abortion not because of medical problems undertook Kane, but because of the fear of becoming fat and her modeling career to lose. This storyline was a lot of media attention. In the storyline Kane developed a possible deadly infection, what later was described as a toxoplasmosis after an abortion. ABC was ringing off the hook by doctors and nurses who offered to give advice how this best could be solved.

Phoebe's husband Charles (Hugh Franklin) developed an intense contact with Mona Kane, his Secretary in the hospital. The two fell in love and Charles decided to separate from Phoebe. Phoebe tried to blackmail Mona and fakede even verlamdheid. Phoebe eventually ended as a divorced alcoholic and Mona became the new Mrs. Tyler. This development was the beginning of the years of rivalry between Mona Kane and Phoebe Tyler.

When actress Eileen Letchworth , she wanted a facelift in consultation with the creative force of the series, Nixon. Letchworth was not only a time absent, when she returned she looked very different. Nixon worked out of necessity her facelift in the series. Letchworth's character Margo wanted to surprise the younger Paul Martin. The storyline about Margo was one of the first big verhaallijnen in 1974 that surgery and psychological effects showed.

Cast (2011)[Edit]Edit

Actor Character Period
Susan Lucci Erica Kane 1970-2011
Darnell Williams Jesse Hubbard 1981-1988, 1994, 2001, 2002, 2008-2011
Michael E. Knight Tad Martin 1982-1986, 1988-1990, 1992-2011
Debbi Morgan Angie Hubbard 1982-1991, 2008-2011
Walt Willey Jackson Montgomery 1987-2011
Cady McClain Dixie Martin 1988-1996, 1998-2002, 2005-2007, 2008, 2010, 2011
Jill Larson Opal Cortlandt 1989-2011
Daniel Cosgrove Scott Chandler 1996-1998, 2010-2011
Vincent Irizarry David Hayward 1997-2006, 2008-2011
Cameron Mathison Ryan Lavery 1998-2002, 2003-2011
Rebecca Budig Greenlee Smythe 1999-2005, 2008-2009, 2009-2011
Alicia Minshew Kendall Slater 2002-2011
Bobbie Eakes Krystal Carey 2003-2011
Jacob Young JR Chandler 2003-2011
Thorsten Kaye Zach Slater 2004-2010, 2011
Chrishell Stause Amanda Dillon 2005-2011
Cornelius Smith Jr. Frankie Hubbard 2007-2011
Ricky Paull Goldin Jake Martin 2008-2011
J.R. Martinez Brot Monroe 2008-2011
Denise Vasi Randi Morgan 2008-2011
Natalie Hall Colby Chandler 2009-2011
Stephanie Gatschet Madison North 2009-2011
Jamie Luner Liza Colby 2009-2011
Trent Garrett Asher Pike 2010-2011
Lindsay Hartley Cara Castillo 2010-2011
Jordi Vilasuso Griffin Castillo 2010-2011
Sarah Glendening Marissa Tasker 2010-2011
Christina Bennett Lind Bianca Montgomery 2010-2011
Michael Nouri Caleb Cortlandt 2010-2011


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