Alien is a British science fiction/horrorfilm from 1979. The film was directed by Ridley Scott, also known from Blade Runner (1982) and Gladiator (2000). The movie title refers to the antagonist of the film, a monstrous alien. The film stars Tom SkerrittSigourney WeaverVeronica CartwrightHarry Dean StantonJohn HurtIan Holm andReza Kotto.

The film won an Oscar for special effects, including the alien being (the alien) that was designed by the Swiss artist H.R. Giger. In 2003 Director's cut came in the cinema, with some additional scenes. The film was also the beginning of a media franchise of six films.


[hide]*1 Story


Read warning: text below contains details about the content and/or the end of the story.

It is the year 2122. The U.S.C.S.S. Nostromo (Italian for "mate"), a commercial property spaceship, flies to the Earth with on board several million tons of ore. The ship is staffed by seven people and an advanced computer, which is called "mother" by the crew. The crew members are the men Dallas, Ash, Kane, Parker and Brett and the women Ripley and Lambert.

At the beginning of the film Mother receives an unknown signal from a nearby planet. Mother changes the rate because they are programmed to unknown signal to go.The crew members Dallas, Kane and Lambert left the ship to investigate the unknown planet. They discover an old crashed spaceship of unknown origin. The group enters the ship inside and they are fossilized body of the pilot of the ship against. Only is there something weird going on with the body, it looks like there is a grenade explodes from the inside because there is a hole in the skeleton whose bones are curved outward.

Kane descends to a lower area, where he in a large wet room comes with thousands of green/yellowish eggs of an unknown type of encounter. Want to see the eggs up close when Kane opens suddenly one of the eggs and there creeps a kind of slimy spider like creature out. The organism that comes out of it arises through the visor of Kane's space suit inside, where the organism itself vastzuigt to his face. Kane stops responding and as moments later Dallas and Lambert look what happened, they take the unconscious Kane with the spidery creature as a mask to his face clasped. Dallas and Lambert bring him quickly back to the spaceship, but refuses Ripley, head of the ship when Dallas is absent, to let them because of the quarantine protocols. Ash let them inside.

Dallas and Ash try to remove the organism of the face, but it turns out to be impossible. When they try the essence comes partly from its face cut there biting blood free that is through the floor of the spaceship back melts. It burns holes through multiple decks of the ship. The crew runs down to see how blood moves through the cover back on, but if they come back to the organism to better surveys show it to have disappeared. Kane is strangely awake again and he can remember nothing of before he was attacked.

The crew are looking for still to the orphans and they take the dead to the ground. Ash examines the dead organism and sees that it is a seed holder is. After that decision the crew still to eat anything before they return in cryoslaap. But while eating is Kane suddenly sick and out of his breast drills a small creature with a tail out. (The similar seems to have happened with the body found in the spaceship). Before the crew so much as a Word can cast scares the essence and disappears quickly. The crew decides to capture it to share in two groups on each separately explore the ship. Ash has a special location positioning device which he tries to locate the creature. When they think the being to have it appears to address the domestic cat of the spaceship to be, Jones, who scares and flight.

Brett is sent to capture the cat to prevent them being on him again soon for the unknown. During his search he finds the skin of the creature. The creature seems to be moulted. Brett has not grown by that being such a one and a half metres is with a long sharp tail, razor-sharp teeth a caustic tongue. He comes the being against and is horribly murdered. The creature disappears in the air shaft.

The crew realizes that the creature the air shafts used to propagate itself. Dallas decides to enter the air shaft armed with a flame thrower, with the intention being to an opening to revive the space to drive. With the crew discovered that the location positioning device being moved rapidly towards Dallas. Dallas tries to bring in safety but rent directly into the arms of the being. They hear a scream and Dallas disappears from the display.

Ripley asks Mother to destroy the creature, but advice she gets to hear that the transport company of the spaceship the creature wants to have to investigate, even at the cost of the crew. Ash falls Ripley after he hears on the request, but Parker and Lambert arrive just in time to Ripley in safety. Parker goes to Ash body with a fire extinguisher and then it turns out that Ash is a Android , a robot. The three remaining crew members decide to destroy the ship Nostromo to flee with the reserve and capsule.

While Ripley the reserve to prepare for departure go capsule Parker and Lambert looking for coolant for the shuttle. Ripley goes looking for the domestic cat, which is still in the middle of the ship. Hear the screams from her colleagues than Ripley, after which they rent to them. She is too late, the being has them both killed. Ripley activates the self-destruct mechanism and rushes to the shuttle, where they essentially see capsule at the entrance to the reserve. She tries to halt the self-destruction process yet but she is too late. Ripley returns with Jones back to the reserve capsule where the being gone seems to be. She is just on time away for the spaceship explodes. Ripley is preparing for the cryoslaap, but then discovered that the creature has hidden in the shuttle. It succeeds her to the creature from the capsule to blow through to open the door. Then she can finally start cryoslaap her to wait until she is discovered by another spaceship.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Played a total of ten people in the film.

Actor Character
Sigourney Weaver Ellen Ripley
Tom Skerritt A.J. Dallas
John Hurt G.W. Kane
Ian Holm Ash
Harry Dean Stanton S.E. Brett
Reza Kotto J.T. Parker
Veronica Cartwright J.M. Lambert
Helen Horton Voice of mother
Bolaji Badejo Village Creature/Alien
Eddie Powell Creature/alien (only in the final scene)



When he was still studying at the University of Southern Californiahad several sequels , along with Director John Carpenter made a science fiction comedy film titled Darkstar. [1by his experience making this film arose at Bannon the idea of creating a similar movie making, but with a horror theme instead of a comedy. [1[2a few years later he began to write a scenario around this idea. Ronald Shusett began around the same time with a scenario that would eventually become Total Recall. [1[2he sought after seeing Darkstar contact O'Bannon, after which the two decided to work together.

O'Bannons idea was chosen for this project because this at first sight would be cheaper to produce. [1[2O'Bannon had a 29-page screenplay written titled Memory. It was already the concept of a group of astronauts who are taken from their sleep during a mission by an emergency call. [2[3however, he had not yet thought about how the sample look like had to go see. [1]

O'Bannon got an offer to start work on a film adaptation of the novel Dune, and left Parisfor six months. [1[4although this project was eventually called off, came through in contact with several artists whose ideas he could use for his film, including Chris Fossh. r. Giger, and Jean "Moebius" Giraud. [3he returned to Los Angeles to continue to work with Shusett to the scenario of Memory. They combined this scenario with another film idea of O'Bannon, about a group of gremlins that a B-17 bomber during the Second World Warwould sabotage. This idea was modernized to a spaceship, and added to "memory" as the second half of the movie.[3[4]

The working title was now Star Beast, but O'Bannon found it quickly changed to that name and Alien. [1[3Shusett [5introduced the idea of making the alien a parasite that the bodies of the astronauts would use to reproduce. [1[4]

When refining the scenario left O'Bannon is inspired by several older works in the field of science fiction and horror,[6as The Thing from Another World,[6Forbidden Planet,[6Planet of the Vampires and "junkyard";a short story by Clifford d. Simak. [2]

When the scenario for Shusett and O'Bannon was 85 percent ready, presented it to several studios. [1they praised the scenario to This as "Jaws in space. [7the two First wanted to go into the sea with Roger Cormans studio, when at the last minute a friend did them a better bid. The scenario came out so go to Walter HillDavid Giler, and Gordon Carroll, who himself had set up a production company that had ties to 20th Century Fox. [1O'Bannon and Shusett signed a contract with Brandywine, but Hill and Giler were not satisfied with the scenario and showed a large number of changes. [1[8this caused tensions between them and O'Bannon and Shusett. [1So added Hill and Giler among other things the Android Ash far. [9]

20th Century Fox was at first reluctant to finance a science fiction movie. After the success of Star Wars in 1977 changed their attitude to the genre, however. Fox wanted to quickly release a private science fiction film to a ride on the success of Star Wars and the revival of the science fiction genre, and Alien was one of the few scenarios that was available at that time. [1therefore got the green light, Alien and a production budget of $ 4.2 million. [1[10]

Direction and design[Edit]Edit

O'Bannon figured out that he was directing, but 20th Century Fox Alien asked Hill as Director. [10[11Hill turned down the offer because of his work in other movies, and because he could not handle the large amount of Visual effects that would occur in the film. [12Peter YatesJack Clayton, and Robert Aldrich were approached, but O'Bannon, Shusett, and the Brandy wine team were afraid that none of these directors would take the film seriously and would rather make a B-movie of. [11[13Giler, Hill, and Carroll were impressed by Ridley Scotts debut film The Duellists (1977) and approached him with the offer to direct Alien . Scott went right agreement. [3[13]

Scott designed in London some detailed storyboards for the film. These were impressive enough for 20th Century Fox to double the budget for the film to 8.4 million dollars. [11[14Scotts storyboard contained among other things the first designs for the spaceship and space suits. In doing so, he inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Wars. [14]

O'Bannon introduced Scott to h. r. Giger, who designed for the film all shapes of the Alien. For designing the human aspects of the film took out Chris Foss artists Ron Cobb and O'Bannon (with whom he had worked together on Dark Star and Dune) there. [11[15Cobb was primarily involved with the design of the Interior of the spaceship. Eventually was chosen for a design named after Joseph Conrad's novel Nostromo .


The auditions for the film took place in New York City and London. Because only seven human characters in the film, Scott wanted to have strong actors. He wanted his attention focus more on filming the effects than on controlling the actors. He called on Mary Selway to organize the auditions. [16[17according to the scenario could all roles both by a man if it stars a woman, so that here soor not specifically need to be taken into account at the auditions. [16[18Also could Scott, Selway and fill in its sole discretion the roles as Goldberg.

To help better the actors in their roles to be able to empathize with, wrote Ridley Scott for each character a biography about their personal history.


Alien was included in a period of 14 weeks; from 5 July to 21 October 1978. The recordings took place in Shepperton Studios in London, while model and miniature shots took place in Bray Studios in Water Oakley.[17the production time was short because of the low budget and exerted the pressure that 20th Century Fox to the movie on time to get off. [19a team of more than 200 men worked on the film.

Three primary sets for the film were built; the surface of the asteroid, the Interior of the Nostromo and an additional spaceship. [3Les Dilley made scale models of the asteroid and the spaceship as a model for the larger set. [14tons of sand, plaster, fiber glass, stone and gravel were used to shape the landscape of the asteroid. The space suits of the actors were thick and equipped with nylon. Initially they also had no ventilation. [20because it is very warm weather was during the recordings was not easy for the actors to wear the suits. There were always nurses with oxygen bottles ready to step in. [19[20[21]

The set of the three decks of the Nostromo as a whole was built, with each deck on another plateau. These plateaus were also connected with corridors to the transition from one set to another to be able to film. [3][19the set was designed to ship there old and used to look. [21the set of the Nostromo was largely built of scrap metal and scrap metal. Many components, such as the automatic chairs, could move by itself.

For the spaceships and planets scale models were used. For the alien was a combination of puppets and an actor in a suit. The first form of the alien, the "facehugger", was made of latex and fiberglass. The second form, which breaks from the torso of one of the astronauts, was a doll. For including this scene the actors were given virtually no information about what would happen, so their reaction there would look more realistic.So was not told that at the coming forth of the alien would be rondgespoten fake blood. For the alien in his latest guise was used a latex costume, with the head as spare part. This costume was worn by Bolaji Badejo village, a Nigerian student. Bolaji Badejo village was chosen by Ridley Scott from a bar for the role. He followed among other Tai chilessons to make credible movements for the alien. The costume has been partially adjusted to him. So were added as counterweight for the of dorsal spines with the long head.

Scott chose to the alien in the major part of the film but a little show. Only towards the end does one get to see it in its entirety. That way he wanted the tension build up.

The film was originally scheduled to end with the destruction of the alien in the Nostromo, after which Ripley would escape in a shuttle. Scott wanted the alien still once back and therefore the extra scene added to board the shuttle.


The music for Alien was composed by Jerry Goldsmith, and performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Lionel Newman. Scott originally wanted Isao Tomita let the music composing, but 20th Century Fox wanted a composer where the public was better known. Goldsmith was recommended by then-Fox president Alan Ladd, Jr..

Goldsmith wanted to in the opening scene a sense of mystery and somewhat later as romance create contrast for the tone of the film. [22however, original title song not suitable Scott found Goldsmiths, so Goldsmith rewrote the song. [22]

Mechanic Terry Rawlings chose to also use music of Goldsmith from previous films, including a piece from Freud the Secret Passion. [22]


A first preview of Alien in St. Louis didn't catch on with the public. A second preview in Dallas went all the better. [23In the spring of 1979 were given previews of the movie in several movie theaters. The film was supported with the tagline "In space no one can hear you scream." [23[24]

Alien was officially premiered on May 25, 1979. [24the film received an R rating by theMotion Picture Association of America film". Responses to the film were initially mixed. Some critics who initially not with science fiction were known, such as Barry Norman of the BBC's Filmseries, were positive about the film. On the other hand, others were more critical. Vincent Canby and Leonard Maltin were for example not to mention the movie. [25]

However, the film was a great success commercially. The film brought $ 104.931.801 worldwide on.[26shortly after the premiere several sequels was sued by writer Jack Hammer, who claimed that O'Bannon had stolen the idea for the film of his screenplay Black Space. O'Bannon could however prove that Alien was his own idea. [27]

Alien had a great impact on the science fiction genre and horror genre. The film inspired many other filmmakers. Soon, there were films with similar themes, such as "The Alien Dead", Contamination (1980),Inseminoid (1981) and Xtro (1982). The film still enjoy popularity today.


The film marked the beginning of a media franchise consisting of a total of seven films. In the eighteen years after Alien followed first of all three sequels:

Further published two more sequels, which take place in the 20th century instead of the future. These movies are a cross pollination with the Predatorfilm series:

In 2012 the movie Prometheus, which can be considered as a prequel to this film.

The film also brought with it a great merchandising , such as a book version of the film written by Alan Dean Foster. Further, there were comics and other books.

Awards and nominations[Edit]Edit

year price category nominated (n) rash
1979 British Society of Cinematographers Best Cinematography Award Derek Vanlint nominated
San Sebastián international film festival Silver Seashell for best cinematography and effects - won
1980 Academy Award Best effects H.R. Giger, Carlo Rambaldi, Brian Johnson, Nick Allder, Denys Ayling won
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration Michael Seymour, Leslie Dilley, Roger Christian, Ian Whittaker nominated
Saturn Award Best Director Ridley Scott won
Best science fiction film -
Best supporting actress Veronica Cartwright
Best actress Sigourney Weaver nominated
Best makeup Pat Hay
Best special effects Brian Johnson, Nick Allder
Best screenplay Several Sequels
BAFTA Award Best Production Design Michael Seymour won
Best film music Derrick Leather, Jim Shields, Bill Rowe
Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music Jerry Goldsmith nominated
Best costume design John Mollo
Best montage Terry Rawlings
Best supporting actor John Hurt
Most promising newcomer in a leading role Sigourney Weaver
Golden Globe Best Original Score-Motion Picture Jerry Goldsmith nominated
Grammy Award Best Album of Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or Television Special Jerry Goldsmith nominated
Hugo Award Best Dramatic Presentation - won
2003 DVDX Award Best audio commentary Ridley Scott, Ronald Shusett, Terry Rawlings won
Best Overall dvd, Classic Movie (Including All Extra Features) Charles de Lauzirika
Best behind-the-scenes Program (New for dvd) Charles de Lauzirika nominated
Best Menu Design Matt Kennedy
2004 Saturn Award Best dvd Collection - nominated
Sierra Award Best dvd - won
Golden Satellite Award Best dvd Extras - nominated
Best Overall dvd -

In 2002, Alien included in the National Film Registry


  • [Parker] (after Ash ' head from his body falls): it's a robot. Ash is a god damn robot.
  • [Ripley] (last sentence of the film): Final report of the commercial starship Nostromo, third officer reporting. The other members of the crew, Kane, Lambert, Parker, Brett, Ash and Captain Dallas, are dead. Cargo and ship destroyed. I should reach the frontier in about six weeks. With a little luck, the network will pick me up. This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.


  • In space no one can hear you scream.
  • Sometimes the scariest things come from within.
  • A word of warning ...

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