A View to A Kill (1985) is the fourteenth film in the James Bond Series, directed by John Glen. The role of agent 007 is played by Roger Moore.


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The early scenes before the have was at Bond films often nothing to do with the rest of the film. A View to A Kill is an exception. In the beginning is Bond to see inSiberia in search of the dead body of agent 003 and a microchip that has this in his pocket. Later turns out to be an exact copy of a microchip by Zorin Industries '. Bond must examine the unexplained death of agent 003 and his work. Zorin Industries is his only reference point.

Bond pulls together with M and Miss Moneypenny to a Racecourse in order to follow Max Zorin , the owner of ' Zorin Industries '. Zorin clearly has a passion for horses and also appears to have found a way around his own horse in the race to win. Sir Godfrey Tibbett, a horse trainer, suspects that Zorin a type of drug used to his horse to run faster, but the horse tested negative after a doping control. Through Tibbett meets 007 Achille Aubergine. This know how the horse by Zorin could win the race and is also ready to tell the secret to Bond. However, he is killed by May Day, the right hand of Zorin, before he can share his knowledge with Bond. Bond still comes to know that there will soon be a sale of horses takes place in the stables of Zorin and sees an opportunity to get closer to Zorin to come. That is why it goes out for a rich horse lover and he can stay in the guest house under a false name by Zorin. When Bond and Tibett there hack into the lab of Zorin they discover the secret to making all races Zorins horse always wins. Through an implanted microchip and a remote-controlled drug in that horse let loose at the time the final sprint in the race will be reached.

But this cheating falls into the not at Zorins great plan. He tells In his zeppelin that he wants to wipe the Silicon Valley map because Zorin industries will obtain a monopolyon the microchip market. His plan includes overload it with water of the San Andreas breuklijn. Two bombs that should cause an earthquake fault line opening up and so Silicon Valley is overflowing. The process involves many dead will fall can super villain Zorin don't care. Although Tibett, May Day and some have to let life, several supporting characters can Bond the nefarious plans of Zorin frustrated and so Silicon Valley rescue, aided by May Day that at one point Federal side choose and eventually commits a suicide attack on Zorin, who loved them first for her lover. The film ends with a fight between Zorin and his father and tied on the Golden Gate Bridgefrom San Francisco, where the zeppelin flies on fire and eventually let the thugs life.

Origin title[Edit]Edit

The title of the film comes from From a View to a Kill a short story by Ian Fleming from the For Your Eyes Onlycollection of short stories, in Netherlands released under the title a look to a murder. This story played in Paris, where Bond also moves in the film.

The title is also reflected in a piece of dialogue in the film. Max Zorin and May Day watch from their zeppelin down to San Francisco:

May Day: What a view!
Zorin: To a kill!

Film Locations[Edit]Edit


  • This is the last Bond movie with Roger Moore in the role of 007. The actor was 57 years during the shooting and he found himself too old for the role of Bond.
  • Lois Maxwell also returns after this film no longer back as Miss Moneypenny.
  • Singer/actor David Bowie and Sting are first approached for the role of Max Zorin.
  • The recording studios for the Bond movie were completely destroyed during a fire. They were rebuilt within 4 months. They got when the name "The Albert r. Broccoli 007 Stage".
  • The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II is used in the film, is the private car by Cubby Broccoli.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character
Roger Moore James Bond
Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny
Desmond Llewelyn Q
Robert Brown M
Christopher Walken Max Zorin
Tanya Roberts Stacey Sutton
Grace Jones May Day
Walter Gotell General Gogol
Geoffrey Keen Frederick Gray
Patrick Macnee Sir Godfrey Tibbett
Patrick Bauchau Scarpine
Willoughby Gray Dr. Carl Mortner
David Yip Chuck Lee
Fiona Fullerton Pola Ivanova
Alison Doody Jenny Flex
Maning Redwood Bob Conley
Jean Rougerie Achille Aubergine
Mary Stävin Kimberly Jones

Film Music[Edit]Edit

The title song of the film, A View to A Kill, was sung by Duran Duran and took out the first place in the u.s. charts. It was the last song the 5 members of Duran Duran recorded together for a long time. Only in 2001 they came back together. The film music was composed by John Barry.

  1. Main Title-A View To A Kill
  2. Snow Job
  3. May Day Jumps
  4. Bond Meets Stacey
  5. Pegasus ' Stable
  6. Tibbett Gets Washed Out
  7. Airship to Silicon Valley
  8. He's Dangerous
  9. Bond Underwater
  10. Wine With Stacey
  11. Bond Escapes Roller
  12. Destroy Silicon Valley
  13. May Day Bombs Out
  14. Golden Gate Fight
  15. End Title-A View To A Kill

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