A Country Practice was one of the longest running Australian drama series. All 1088 episodes were broadcast on Seven Network 1981 between 18 november and 5 november 1994. Also, the series was broadcast on France 3 . The episodes were recorded in a studio in Epping. Every time formed two episodes one story. As a result, the show never came to an end. However, were sometimes made multiple episodes with the same directive. The show revolved around the staff of a medical practice in a fictional New South Wales and had themes such as unemployment, suicide, addictions, hiv/aids and Terminal diseases.


Actor Character
Shane Porteous Dr. Terence Elliott
Brian Wenzel Sergeant Frank Gilroy
Joyce J Esme Watson
Lorrae Desmond Shirley Dean Gilroy
Gordon Piper Bob Hatfield
Syd Heylen Vernon "Cookie" Locke

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