3rd Rock from the Sun is an American sitcom that aired on the American tv by 1996 to 2001.

In Flanders is the series no longer view. Send In Comedy Central Netherlands , Net 5 and Veronica from the series.

The series has won a number of Emmys , including five Emmys in 1997. The series also won two Golden GlobeAwards, for best television comedy or musical series in the genre, and for best supporting actor in a television series (John Lithgow).


[hide]*1 Story


[1][2]John Lithgow (Dick Solomon)[3][4]Kristen Johnston(Sally Solomon)

The series tells the story of four countries on Earth to aliens that the people who live there to study, and therefor need to integrate in society (with often hilarious consequences).

The team consists of Commander Dick Solomon (John Lithgow), information officer Tommy Solomon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), security officer Sally Solomon (Kristen Johnston) and Communications Officer Harry Solomon (French Stewart). The last name Solomon stood up the first truck that was driving past when she arrived on Earth.

Not too much in the spotlight themselves and their research as thorough as possible, they are going to ordinary "earthy" tasks: Dick teaches at the University of Pendelton as professor of physics, Sally is housewife, Tommy goes to high school and Harry ... hangs in front of the television all day. Harry is the Appendix of the Group; the only reason why he was on this mission is a built-in chip, which allows the others to communicate with their leader, The Big Giant Head (sometimes also on inspection comes (a guest star William Shatner 's)).

During their stay they also learn a number of people know. So is there in the first place, Dr. Mary Albright (Jane Curtin), a colleague of Dick where he shares an Office with it in college. Dick finds Dr. Mary the end and trying her in any way possible for him to win, where he always do so. The neurotic, insecure Mary is fascinated by Dicks eccentric naivety and for the rest of the series they have a flasher relationship. In addition, Nina (Simbi Khali) also works on their Office. She is the Secretary of Dick and Mary and gets it hard time thanks to Dicks impossible character.

Sally gets over time also a friend, police officer Don Orville (Wayne Knight). They seem totally do not fit together (albeit a big long blonde, he was a little fat man) yet there is chemistry between their two, partly caused by Dons job and uniform.

Other characters are Mrs. Dubcek (the landlord who lives among them), her daughter Vicki (where Harry begins a relationship with) and Professor Strudwick, Dicks "enemy number one", whose daughter later a relationship begins with Tommy (leading to a kind of "Romeo and Juliet"-situation leads).


Many jokes have to do with the ignorance of the protagonists about ordinary earthly use. Recurring themes are:

  • The first time they a emotion (such as rejection, jealousy, the ending of a relationship, etc.) experienced. This is a common source of humor (for example, for the first time as Sally cries, does she think she ' leaking ').
  • The double connotation of the word ' alien ' (can be either ' alien ' as ' not here ' mean).
  • It literally taking everything they see and/or hear.
  • Their inability to understand sarcasm .
  • Mixing fiction with reality (and vice versa).
  • Their reaction to other people who talk about extraterrestrial life (or at the sight of for example Star Trek movies)
  • Everyday events that are very strange for them (for example, Sally who thinks they win money if they get a parking fine or Dick that is called to sit on the jury of a lawsuit)
  • And their constant fear of gelatin-pudding. In an episode goes to body with a knife and then Sally this proud to announce that they are being murdered and that they now are safe.


Actor Character Comments
John Lithgow Dick Solomon Leader of the Group
Kristen Johnston Sally Solomon Security Officer of the group, for the outside world Dicks sister.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Tommy Solomon Information officer, to the outside world Dicks son. Is (ironically) the oldest Member of the team.
French Stewart Harry Solomon For outside world Dicks brother, has built-in chip to communicate with their home base.
Jane Curtin Dr. Mary Albright Dicks colleague at the University, with whom he had a relationship begins.
Simbi Khali Nina Campbell Secretary of Dick and Mary.
Landon Wendel Mrs. Dubcek Their neighbor and landlord.
Jan Hooks Vicky Dubcek Daughter of Mrs. Dubcek, has a while a flasher relationship with Harry.
Wayne Knight Don Orville Small and put police officer, to whom Sally falls in love with.
Ileen Getz Judith Draper Colleague of Dick and Mary.
Ron West Vincent Strudwick Colleague of Dick and Mary. Dick Vincent can not stand.
Larisa Oleynik Alissa Strudwick Daughter of Vincent, girlfriend of Tommy.



See list of episodes of 3rd Rock from the Sun for the main article on this topic.


All 6 seasons are available on dvd.

Season Date appearing on dvd
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 6 July2005 17 may2004 9 november2005
2 25 October2005 21 June2004 9 november2005
3 21 February2006 30 August2004 8 February2006
4 2 may2006 25 October2004 6 July2006
5 15 August2006 24 January2005 7 February2007
6 14 november2006 24 January2005 7 February2007

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