Template:Year nav topic5 The year 1974 in film involved some significant events.

Highest-grossing films (U.S.)Edit

Template:See also The top ten 1974 released films by box office gross in North America are as follows:

Highest-grossing films of 1974
Rank Title Studio Domestic gross
1. Blazing Saddles Warner Bros. $119,500,000[1]
2. The Towering Inferno 20th Century Fox / Warner Bros. $116,000,000[2]
3. The Trial of Billy Jack Warner Bros. $89,000,000[3]
4. Young Frankenstein 20th Century Fox $86,273,333[4]
5. Earthquake Universal Pictures $79,666,653[5]
6. The Godfather Part II Paramount Pictures $47,542,841[6]
7. Airport 1975 Universal Pictures $47,285,152[7]
8. The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams Sunn Classic Pictures $45,411,063[8]
9. The Longest Yard Paramount Pictures $43,008,075[9]
10. Benji Mulberry Square Releasing $39,552,000[10]


Awards Edit

Category/Organization 32nd Golden Globe Awards
January 25, 1975
28th BAFTA Awards
February 18, 1975
47th Academy Awards
April 8, 1975
Drama Musical or Comedy
Best Film Chinatown The Longest Yard Lacombe, Lucien The Godfather Part II
Best Director Roman Polanski
Roman Polanski
Francis Ford Coppola
The Godfather: Part II
Best Actor Jack Nicholson
Art Carney
Harry and Tonto
Jack Nicholson
The Last Detail / Chinatown
Art Carney
Harry and Tonto
Best Actress Gena Rowlands
A Woman Under the Influence
Raquel Welch
The Three Musketeers
Joanne Woodward
Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams
Ellen Burstyn
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Best Supporting Actor Fred Astaire
The Towering Inferno
John Gielgud
Murder on the Orient Express
Robert De Niro
The Godfather: Part II
Best Supporting Actress Karen Black
The Great Gatsby
Ingrid Bergman
Murder on the Orient Express
Ingrid Bergman
Murder on the Orient Express
Best Screenplay, Adapted Chinatown
Robert Towne
Chinatown /
The Last Detail
Robert Towne
The Godfather: Part II
Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo
Best Screenplay, Original Chinatown
Robert Towne
Best Score The Little Prince
Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe
Murder on the Orient Express
Richard Rodney Bennett
The Godfather: Part II
Carmine Coppola and Nino Rota

Palme d'Or (Cannes Film Festival):

The Conversation, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, United States

Golden Bear (Berlin Film Festival):

The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, directed by Ted Kotcheff, Canada

Notable films released in 1974Edit

  1. The Godfather Part II


Notable deathsEdit

Month Date Name Age Country Profession Notable films
January 2 Tex Ritter 68 USA Actor, Singer Template:Hlist
3 Gino Cervi 72 Italy Actor Template:Hlist
14 Paul Whitsun-Jones 50 UK Actor Template:Hlist
31 Samuel Goldwyn 94 Poland Producer, Studio Executive Template:Hlist
31 Roger Pryor 72 USA Actor Template:Hlist
February 7 Arline Judge 61 USA Actress Template:Hlist
11 Anna Q. Nilsson 85 Sweden Actress Template:Hlist
23 Florence Rice 67 USA Actress Template:Hlist
23 Harry Ruby 79 USA Screenwriter, Composer Template:Hlist
27 Orry-Kelly 66 Australia Costume Designer Template:Hlist
28 Carole Lesley 38 UK Actress Template:Hlist
March 3 Barbara Ruick 43 USA Actress, Singer Template:Hlist
5 Billy De Wolfe 67 USA Actor Template:Hlist
7 Alberto Rabagliati 67 Italy Actor, Singer Template:Hlist
8 Martha Wentworth 84 USA Actress, Voice Actress Template:Hlist
13 Howard St. John 68 USA Actor Template:Hlist
19 Edward Platt 58 USA Actor Template:Hlist
28 Dorothy Fields 68 USA Songwriter Template:Hlist
28 Francoise Rosay 82 France Actress Template:Hlist
29 Seton I. Miller 71 USA Screenwriter Template:Hlist
April 2 Douglass Dumbrille 84 Canada Actor Template:Hlist
10 Patricia Collinge 81 Ireland Actress Template:Hlist
18 Betty Compson 77 USA Actress Template:Hlist
20 Peter Lee Lawrence 30 Germany Actor Template:Hlist
24 Bud Abbott 78 USA Actor Template:Hlist
24 Agnes Moorehead 73 USA Actress Template:Hlist
May 18 Mary Maguire 55 Australia Actress Template:Hlist
24 Duke Ellington 75 USA Composer Template:Hlist
25 Donald Crisp 91 UK Actress Template:Hlist
June 6 Blanche Yurka 86 USA Actress Template:Hlist
10 Lewis R. Foster 75 USA Director, Screenwriter Template:Hlist
17 Pamela Britton 51 USA Actress Template:Hlist
28 Frank Sutton 50 USA Actor Template:Hlist
July 13 Joe Flynn 48 USA Actor Template:Hlist
13 Marthe Vinot 79 France Actress Template:Hlist
27 Julián de Meriche 65 Mexico Actor Template:Hlist
28 Truman Bradley 69 USA Actor, Narrator Template:Hlist
August 13 Ilona Massey 64 Hungary Actress Template:Hlist
16 Maxwell Reed 55 Ireland Actor Template:Hlist
September 6 Olga Baclanova 78 Russia Actress Template:Hlist
6 Otto Kruger 89 USA Actor Template:Hlist
14 Barbara Jo Allen 68 USA Actress Template:Hlist
14 Warren Hull 71 USA Actor Template:Hlist
18 Edna Best 74 UK Actress Template:Hlist
21 Jacqueline Susann 56 USA Author, Actress Template:Hlist
21 Walter Brennan 80 USA Actor Template:Hlist
22 Stephanie Bidmead 45 UK Actress Template:Hlist
27 James R. Webb 64 USA Screenwriter Template:Hlist
October 13 Ed Sullivan 73 USA Actor Template:Hlist
November 7 Rodolfo Acosta 54 Mexico Actor Template:Hlist
13 Vittorio De Sica 73 Italy Actor, Director, Screenwriter Template:Hlist
14 Johnny Mack Brown 70 USA Actor Template:Hlist
17 Clive Brook 87 UK Actor Template:Hlist
25 Rosemary Lane 61 USA Actress, Singer Template:Hlist
December 4 Lee Kinsolving 36 USA Actor Template:Hlist
5 Pietro Germi 60 Italy Actor, Director, Screenwriter Template:Hlist
10 Paul Richards 50 USA Actor Template:Hlist
11 Reed Hadley 63 USA Actor Template:Hlist
15 Anatole Litvak 72 Ukraine Director, Producer Template:Hlist
21 Richard Long 47 USA Actor Template:Hlist
26 Jack Benny 80 USA Actor Template:Hlist

Film debuts Edit


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