The 17th century (by the Julian calendar) is the 17th 100 year period, thus consisting of the years 1601 to 1700. The 17th century belongs to the 2nd millennium.

Important events and developments[Edit]Edit

[1][2]The Oost-Indisch Huis in Amsterdam;Nautical and colonialism

  • The thirty years ' war between the Protestant North and the Catholic South of Europe makes Germany a large graveyard.
  • England is ruled by the Scottish House of Stuart. The Kings of this House regularly in conflict with Parliament because of their Catholic and autocratic tendencies. One of the contentious issues is the protection of the rights of detainees. These are finally in the Habeas corpus Act 1679 defined in, with which a universal principle is born. Eventually, the Dutch stadtholder William III of Orange-Nassau invited to the island as constitutional monarch drive, along with his wife Mary Stuart.
  • Sweden is a European power, with territories in today's RussiaGermanyFinlandEstonia and Latvia. There is even some years a settlement in America: New-Sweden.
  • Russia gets after the time of troubles a new dynasty: the House of Romanov.
  • In the battle of Rocroi (1643) France achieves a surprising victory to the own northern border on Spain, with which France takes over the hegemony on the continent. It will no longer cede the next sixty years. The country develops under the Bourbons to an absolute monarchy. The nobility loses her country and its power, and turning into a costly hofadel. Religious freedom is in two steps, in 1629 and 1685 reversed. The foreign trade is limited by the protectionism . By the continuous wars creates a huge Empire within defensible borders all around, but with enemy powers.
  • Europe is affected by a number of plague epidemics.
Spanish Netherlands
  • From 1620 is Abraham Verhoeven from Antwerp are irregularly issued pamphlets to a newspaper, the first regularly appearing in the Southern Netherlands that appears. He remains the "New Tijdinghen" spend until 1629. Then he gives the "Wekelijckse Tijdinghen uyt verschiyde quartieren": a change not only by name but also of periodicity and print format.
  • Build the English Jesuits from Saint-Omer in current French Flanders their outstanding education system for boys around the Southern Netherlands from.

Republic of the United Netherlands
  • The first newspaper appears in the Republic under the name "courante uyt Italien ende Duytschlandt" between 1618 and 1639. It contains news on trade and war, but also about natural disasters.
  • Students at universities and academies unite with fellow countrymen in Nations Collegiae national |.
City and country
  • In Japan begins the Edo period. The country is under the rule of the shoguns from 1639 completely from the outside world. Only the merchants of the DUTCH EAST INDIA COMPANY have since 1641 a trading post on the island of Decima at Nagasaki.
  • In its bloom period includes Mughal Empire almost entirely the Indian subcontinent. It counts at the end of the 17th century probably by the 150 million inhabitants.

  • The Renaissance music culminates in the church music of Palestrina and Monteverdi 's operas.
  • Transition to the Baroque. Examples in the painting are the Spanish painter Velázquez and the German Belgian Peter Paul Rubens.
  • The Baroque music in particular can thrive by the thriving musical culture to the various European royal courts. A lot of rich people in high places have musicians/composers and/or act as their patron. Many heyday and festivities are accompanied by specially commissioned work composed for the occasion. Also for Church worship services are in the age of the Baroque new music forms developed.
  • The instruments for the period 1580 to 1680 by the Ruckers-Couchet family of Antwerp are built, are representative examples of the Flemish instrument building from that time. It comes to harpsichords with one or two keyboards, but also to spinets and virginals. The remarkable Ruckers and Couchet harpsichords of sound as well as their ornate design and rich finish, make it coveted tools of.
  • In painting, the history paintings, popular. In the southern Netherlands is the main master Rubens , Rembrandt in the northern Netherlands.
  • The commedia dell'arte, the Italian National Theatre, is even more spectacular by the insertion of elements from the Fables and mythology and the use of mechanical tricks ("artificially"). The players draw companies throughout Europe. After 1660 play Italians, alternating with Molière, in the Petit-Bourbon-theater in Paris, first
City and country
  • Instance in Flanders, Holland and Friesland by some local trips. The journey time by trekschuit is much shorter than a sailing ship.
  • Instead of the well , the water pump, which reaches much deeper.
  • The Castle loses the function of safe flight place in times of war. It is converted into a hunting lodge or outdoor place with lusthof.
Overseas trade
  • Europe gets acquainted with products like teacoffeesugar and cocoa.
  • The commercial comes on tobacco growing in Europe. for the first time in Between 1610 and 1620 Netherlands and England tobacco is grown. The first in Veere, followed by Amersfoort around 1615. From there spreads the cultivation themselves over the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and later the Betuwe.
  • The Portuguese take the cassava from Brazil to Africa.
  • In Suriname in England this century is known as "Specklewood Country" or letterhout country. Because of the out of stock so much the country even as letter wood inscribed on the oldest map. In addition to sugaris wood a letter wanted Exchange or payment, since there is no money in Suriname.

[3][4]Invention j staff*The invention of the j staff improves navigation on sea.

Important persons[Edit]Edit

[5][6]Rembrandt van Rijn[7][8]Michiel de Ruyter by Ferdinand Bolin 1667. He wears his order of Saint Michael*Anna of Austria

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